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Narra Sridhar – the Nellore

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Narra Sridhar, Nellore


Narra Sridhar is the Nellore District President for Lok Satta Party. He was born in Narrawada, Udayagiri mandal, Nellore district in 1969. He was a top student in school, and never shied away from politics even as a youngster. Trained to be an engineer, but entrepreneurial by nature, he started several ventures, before finding his feet in the stone crushing and real estate businesses. He is one gritty, successful businessman.

He has been the financial backbone for the Lok Satta party in the Nellore region since its inception. He supported three district presidents that preceded him, and was chosen as president before the 2009 assembly elections to lead the party in Nellore and Tirupati region. He stood first among all the district presidents of Lok Satta in AP in an internal contest for which they were evaluated on parameters like social activities, fund raising, membership drive, general body meetings, report submission etc.

Sridhar felt humbled by the 2009 AP assembly election results, and realized that the halo seen during the campaign does not always convert into votes. He has taken it up as a challenge to change this and for growing LSP, he says that the key requirement is to identify and nurture cadre in every mandal of every district. These party workers will be able to galvanize the people to support the party and also to protect itself from the offensive advances from other parties. He believes that if you can show that you are string and here to stay, it builds confidence and attracts people to participate and become the grass root cadre of the party.

In Nellore, under his leadership, surveys are conducted to get the pulse of the people and to identify the people interested in participating in the political process. Sridhar’s view is that there should be a home office in every street to help people to avail of public services and the benefits they are eligible for via various government sponsored programs. He is very appreciative of the party supporters working as part of the Nellore team, and together they take up various causes ranging from environmental issues to students’ problems and sanitation issues. Support from people and response from government officials to representations made on these issues has been very encouraging.

Sridhar is driven by the motivation to succeed, and his never quit attitude is shielding him from the cynicism and the discouragement from his own friends and well-wishers. He says that his straight talk and integrity are hurdles to work for other parties since he has the insider view of how they work from his maternal uncle, an ex-minister from one of the conventional parties. He asserts that the only party he can work for is Lok Satta, and that he will not stop until it gets the acceptance of the majority.

Narra Sridhar – a man who thinks big, never quits, is practical to a fault, and yet a politician – a right one for the new politics. He can be reached via phone (+91 9848170423) or  email.

Source :-https://www.facebook.com/loksatta/app/128953167177144/