Wireless charging technology is finally here to stay

Start Charging Your Phone in Style, Without the Wires

Wireless charging technology is finally here to stay.

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Elon Musk just launched his Tesla Roadster into space, Amazon’s Alexa can hail an Uber, and you can now authorize payments using only your face. So why, exactly, is wireless charging still so seemingly rare? One would think that a world on the verge of a quantum computing revolution would surely be able to produce something as relatively simple and straightforward as a wireless charging solution for the masses.

If you’re an Android user, you’ve likely been blessed with wireless charging capabilities already, but that doesn’t mean that millions of iPhone users don’t deserve answers as to why it’s taken so long for their brand to catch up.

One reason why several major tech companies like Apple have been hesitant to embrace wireless charging solutions is that up until very recently, the technology has been, shall we say, sketchy. First and even second generation charging pads that were hailed as the solution to every person’s plug-in woes suffered from a slew of ailments including resistance issues, a lack of power, and dropped connections.

Another reason is that companies like Apple simply bet against the future of wireless charging, and subsequently didn’t outfit their phones with the proper technology. After all, there’s only so much new tech you can cram into a phone, and most manufacturers decided to allocate those resources elsewhere.

But now that Apple has finally bitten the bullet and embraced wireless charging with their newest models—including the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X—it’s worth looking at how this game-changing technology actually works, and why it’s worth investing in.

First of all, wireless charging is a two-way street. Both your device and the charging station have to be outfitted with special coils that induce tiny electromagnetic vibrations, which in turn create an electromagnetic field in your phone’s receiver. This field, lacking any direct output, ends up sending power through the regular charging circuitry of your phone, much like a regular plugged-in charger would.

One downside to this, of course, is that this relatively indirect route to your phone’s battery means that wireless charging solutions still can’t charge your phone as quickly as a standard charger. Another downside is that this roundabout electrical journey to your phone’s battery creates a significant amount of excess heat, which may or may not be problematic for some users.

Even with these minor downsides, however, you should still consider taking advantage of your new phone’s wireless charging capabilities.

First, practically all wireless charging devices utilize Qi technology—the global standard that’s proven itself to be reliable and relatively efficient. This means that you’ll be able to charge your phone on any Qi-certified device, of which there are plenty.

Second, wireless charging is convenient, aesthetically-pleasing, and eliminates a great deal of desk clutter—meaning you can free up more space for your projects and say goodbye to tangled, broken, and expensive cables.

So you have your Qi-certified device and you’re excited to make the move to wireless charging—which charging device should you buy? We highly recommend this Qi Wireless Fast Charging Pad, which is equipped with built-in, intelligent features that prevent your device from overheating (remember that obnoxious problem?), maintains your phone’s total battery life for longer than most competitors, features a transmission power of 10W for highly efficient charging, and even prevents against electric shocks.

And at just $10.99, it’s also incredibly affordable, which is more than most other Qi charging pads can say for themselves. So embrace the fact that the world seems to be coming to its senses regarding wireless charging and start filling up your phone’s battery in style.

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