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Why  gold price is increased in India

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Why  gold price is increased in India

Factors that impact gold prices in India? Beginners to investing in gold must understand the various factors that influence gold prices in India. Amongst the biggest of these is an international gold price. These depend a lot on US Fed interest rates, geo political tensions and general buying and selling and demand in the international markets. For example, when the US Fed raises interest rates gold prices fall and vice versa. Indian gold prices derive their rates from international prices and they can impact rates.

The other thing that impacts gold prices is the rupee movement against the dollar. When the rupee gains against the dollar, gold prices in India become cheaper. On the other hand when the rupee drops against the dollar, gold prices become cheaper. Check currency rates here Another factor that impacts gold price is the local tariffs and import duties on gold. When they are reduced gold prices drop and vice versa.

It should be understood that inflation and interest rates also affect prices, but, these are more like long term impact. Policies of central bankers across the globe also have a bearing on prices. This is because when there is monetary easing gold prices tend to go higher and when there is tightening, they would fall. These are far more complicated to understand and should be viewed against a backdrop of prices.

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