Are you ready for CBI enquiry?” Ramana deekshitulu asks officials of TTD

By- Ananthasireesh T A - +91 81474 44340

‎Main priest Ramana Deekshutulu about latest controversy in TTD, Dheekshitulu said he dedicated his 24 years of service was just to Lord Venkateswara.

He quoted previous JEO’s Balasubramaniam, dharamareddy, and Srinivasa Raju as hooligans of TTD, old thousand pillar madapa which was very attractive, and unexceptional was demolished in the era of JEO Balasubramaniam for their personal profits, even after several trails by him by producing Memorandums to save it.

He also quoted that since Balasubramaniam got to know that am opposing him, he demolished the house of mine which I was staying in.

Quoting about other old JEO dharma reddy, he said dharma reddy converted to Christianity for his job and also said there were attempts to murder him two times when dharama reddy was JEO. Since there had rumors that there were some great valuable items given by king prataparudra to swami were in Anna potu(holy kitchen of the lord) they started digging for them under him. He said, “Since I started to oppose this unholy stuff, those staff, officials, and leaders around dharma reddy started to split venom on me”.

Dheekshitulu also said that he has his own ancestral assets and he never tried nor needed to get assets through a backdoor. He said he is always ready for CBI inquiry, and he also warned unholy officials of TTD to get ready for CBI inquiry on their wrong signs.

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