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There is Basant Rath in J&K and Here is M Snehitha in Tenali

Yes, You read right There is an IPS Officer in Jammu and Kashmir, The one, Who is, well know Terror For negligence and Best friend for Rules.


Here is An Indian Lady Police Officer M Snehitha in Tenali (Guntur -AP -INDIA)

Traffic – kills your time

Traffic – makes you irritate

Traffic – Kills you when you are on the go to Hospital in the ambulance.

Traffic – makes you a latecomer to office

Traffic – makes you a latecomer to School

Traffic – makes you a latecomer to your friend’s or family members marriage / any celebrations,

Traffic – Ruin s your life when you are on the go for Exam or Interview…

Finally, Traffic means Nothing But a Silent and smoky killer in India.

All the above situations are Due to careless and negligence, If we Follow the Rules of Traffic Police Then All The Above content is Simply a joke and are can be read in history,, but we know What we are… And What our Indias are,

Basanth Rath

IGP Sri Basanth Rath – Middle in civil Dress

Basant rath is the ‘Singham of the jammu’.

Gained popularity as he took IG traffic post in Jammu. Traffic issue had become so worse and frustrating for everyone. As a regular traveler just for a distance of 5kms, Peoples had to wait for like 25 minutes in the bus at the very busy bus stops.

Jammu has witnessed a huge increase in traffic road accidents, a lot of them were youth. Because nobody used to give a fuck about the safety helmets, traffic lights or rules which in turn created a very bad scenario.

His terror(on a good note)  started taking traffic rules and safety so seriously. Basant rath ceased a lot of vehicles, local buses and not even spared a police vehicle(challan created). So he is very fair in his terms and now the hero in everyone’s eyes. He has done something that was just in our imagination.

Very busy roads where one could see more buses and vehicled and fewer people today those roads look so mess free. Proper parking is there.

In fact, conditions have become so good. Traffic has been reduced to a fair amount. This fearless officer is definitely the target of many ministers which are against him and his rowdy behavior but Basant rath does not give a shit about it. A lot of complaints have been registered against him but he continues to do his duty.

There is a lot-lot more to cover About Sri basanth Rath, anyone can find his words and updates on his Facebook Wall,

Snehitha M

A well Know Police Officer for The she Team in Hyderabad, “She Team” is a Hyderabad police initiative that acts as a watchdog for women’s safety in public places. You can find more details on the links below


Now for Tenali, This Lady Officer making Tenali roads well directed and messing free, Previously Our MDN Team used to make travel by Auto from our office to Tenali bus stand, train station, it will take 18 mins to 25 mins for a 4.2 KM , BUt Now we can travel easily by Bike in just 7 to 10 mints for 4 KM, see How the big difference made by Snehitha, Citizens of Tenali are very happy, due to this change,

There is a lot-lot more to cover About Lady Officer Sri Snehitha Mandapalli, anyone can find her words and updates on Google,

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